SmartIT Global Waiter Calling System

  • SmartIT Global’s wireless waiter call systems work on wireless RF technology with a transmission range of 70-100mts in open area and are 100% plug & play, battery operated systems.
  • With the help of signal repeaters can extend the transmission range to further 100 mts.
  • Wireless buttons (with options like Call, Bill, Cancel) are kept on each of tables. Guest sitting on the table 1 can press the button for calling the waiters.
  • Tables are grouped into groups assigned to different waiters. E.g., here, waiter A has table 1,2,3 and waiter B has table 4,5,6 to look after the service
  • The waiters’ watches are alerted for the calls coming from their respective tables only, E.g. here waiter A gets service calls from table 1,2,3, waiter B gets service calls from table 4,5,6 only and the manager gets calls for all the tables.
  • Once the button press is initiated at the same time call is transmitted to 3 persons, call alert is transmitted directly to main display for the attention of Head waiter and waiter A (dedicated waiter for table 1 ) receives instantly the call on his wrist watch, thirdly the manger also gets the live controls alerts through the Software (number of calls, guest waiting time, food ready response from kitchen etc.)
  • With the help of Kitchen Call panel (Optional), the chef can alert the right waiter once the food is ready. It will allow waiters to devote more time to guests, and the dishes will be served when they are still really hot. Six buttons is assigned to a pager of the specific waiter.
  • With Help of the PC Monitoring Receiver (optional) and software , It receives signals from buttons, transfers information to a personal computer for collecting statistics. Information about calls is saved in the program. (Call time; number of the call button; time spent for servicing); Instant display of the incoming call on the PC screen. It is possible to set the interval for customer service. Statistics can be uploaded in Excel format.

SmartIT Global Waiter Calling System Process:

Step 1

Press the Bell

Step 2

Waiter is alerted

Step 3

Waiter is notified

Step 4

Waiter picks the order

Step 5

Food is served quickly

Step 6

No time wasted

Giving your business access control
which has no end life.